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Cornerstone Winter Camp 2020

We finished out this crazy year with three fun-filled days of winter camp! Similar to our camp this past summer, we had lessons in the mornings and fun group activities in the afternoons, all while adhering to social distancing protocols. We love seeing our students of all different ages getting to ride and have fun with their horses together!

Day 1

The first day of camp involved group lessons, coloring pages to learn the parts of the saddle and bridle, and oiling tack in the morning. In the afternoon we made homemade horse treats and went for a big group trail ride!

Day 2

On day two of camp our riders all switched horses for their morning lessons, giving them the opportunity to try riding a very different horse or pony from their own. When not riding, campers bathed Lucille and learned first aid basics such as taking temperature and poulticing legs/hooves. In the afternoon we played team pony games, with the Blue Team (Team Lucille) winning the "brush in the bucket" race and the Green Team (Team Bea) winning the water relay. The Red Team (Team Buttons) won for best team spirit and best costumes by far!

Day 3

Day three of camp was cold and rainy, but that didn't stop us from riding! In addition to morning lessons, campers learned how to body clip and pull manes on Lucille and Pierce. We then had a pizza party for lunch, followed by a scavenger hunt around the barn to find cups for the hot chocolate bar. We finished a great week of camp with some foot jumping competitions. A great week with (mostly) great weather!


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